Designers, don’t stop learning!

4.13.2009 | Articles

I just found a fantastic post by Scott Wills on FlashDen’s blog talking about the reasons why a person buys stock. The article talks specifically about Flash, but it applies to all stock.  He says “Perhaps a customer is a Flash-savvy Web designer who knows very little about coding at all, or perhaps there’s a customer who is simply tight on time and would rather invest a little money into an existing file on FlashDen in order to save time and avoid re-inventing the wheel.” Regardless of your specific reasoning for buying stock, you’re more than likely a design professional.

As professionals, you need to stay on top of your game. You need to be the best of the best and know how to use the latest and greatest technology. Scott wrote specifically about the hesitation most Flash developers are having about switching from as2 to as3. They’ll give a lot of reasons, but in short it’s because it’s hard to learn new things. I hate to be harsh, but if you don’t get on the train, you’re going to miss it. This applies to all of you designers! Those of you who are already on the train, don’t think this is the end of your journey.

So, you know you have to learn, but where do you start? I’ve seen a thousand tutorials and there aren’t too many I’d suggest you use. Just because it shows you how to  make something work doesn’t mean you should do it that way. I would really suggest using sites that are considered authorities on the subject. If you’re willing to spend some money, I’d suggest for just about any design related subject. Their books and video tutorials are, in my opinion, some of the best out there.  AdobeTV isn’t the easiest site in the word to navigate, but there are some fantastic tutorials over there. Another excellent option is the TutsPlus series of sites that includes FlashTuts, AETuts, PSDTuts, and several others. Here are some really great tutorials for each subject:

Flash “Decals”

Learning as3 Part 1
Learning as3 Part 2
Learning as3 Part 3
Learning as3 Part 4

Characters with character

Creating stains
Creating dark, surreal illustrations

After Effects
Light painting effect

Javascript preloader

A better login system
5 ways to write better css

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